Energy is one of the strategic sectors that align with the growth of the country’s population. Energy sector consists of many lines, one of the most crucial is electricity supply.

To provide the feasible amount and quality of electricity supply for all public to enjoy, in conjunction with Indonesia Government’s program to expedite National Development, Ormand Corporation has developed power plant portfolios.

With Indonesia’s economic growth in mind, the aim is to leverage and delivering the best possible profit result for all of our stakeholders.

At the current condition of shortage in Indonesia’s electrical supply, mainly due to the high annual population growth, the country has tremendous growth potential in the electricity supply sector. This supported by the needs of 7,000 MW electricity annually across the islands.

Ormand Corporation as a private entity plays its part to contribute to power plant business in Indonesia, supported by reliable and well experienced human resources in its field. Added with good corporate management practice, Ormand Corporation determined to grow the power plant portfolio across Indonesia. Current Ormand Corporation’s ongoing power plant projects spread across Sumatera, Kalimantan, Java, and many others to come.

In order to create a better and green environment as visioned by the Indonesia Government program, Ormand Corporation has chosen renewable energy resources technology in its power plant portfolio, such as Biomass, Hydro, Solar Power, and Incineration Waste to Energy Power Plant.


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